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Valmont Discovery Set

Item No. 4304385588
* Additional sizes and quantities may be available in retail stores.

    Discover the Swiss cellular anti-aging expert Valmont, with this complete daily beauty regimen! The Valmont Discovery Set is a Holt Renfrew exclusive kit of energizing products to refresh any tired complexion, replump your skin from the inside with the 100% Pure Native Collagen Mask, and boost your facial glow with the one and only Prime Renewing Pack. Your home care program is conveniently packaged in this discovery set.

      • Valmont Discovery Set includes: 1 Single Collagen Mask; 1 x 5 ml Prime Contour; 1 x 5 ml Prime B-Cellular; 1 x 15 ml Prime 24 Hour; 1 x 15 ml Prime Renewing Pack
      • Made in Switzerland
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